<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/14/94/23/76/57/180721110863.jpg?t=1550749294"><br>You must get out of the vehicle and hike to the back of this 36.36 acres to see the beautiful canyon on the west end. This lot is a sleeper so don't miss out!!! It is much more private than meets the eye from the road. Lot 121 or 1796 Potato Pass Rd is located in Chevelon Canyon Ranch which offers maintained roads,a Community Ramada for BBQ'S and a Community Well from which you can haul your water or drill your own well for around 20K. Because this parcel is off-grid, you will have solar, wind and a generator for power. For only $300 per year you can use all the water your need, have the well maintained and the roads maintained. The streets and lots are well marked for your convenience Great features for county living!!!!<br>